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ARMS (2014)

A vacationing posse are terrorized by hordes of disembodied arms.

Off World Pictures' second production was shot on location on Denman Island, British Columbia in early October of 2014. A sendup of horror films that inspired us, the film was edited shortly after and premiered at the Heavy Hitting Horrorfest in Whistler later that month. Further screenings include the Rio Grind Film Festival and National Canadian Film Day presented by Cinemafantastique, Shivers Film Society and Women in Film & Television Vancouver.


Written, Directed, Scored & Edited by Jordan Barnes-Crouse
Produced by Carolyn Williams, Cornelius van der Valk & Jordan Barnes-Crouse
Special Effects & Puppeteering by Carolyn Williams



Ariel Hansen as Sue
Bronwyne Sloley as Dani
Cornelius van der Valk as Calvin
Jordan Barnes-Crouse as Marty

Carolyn Williams as the voice of Jolene
Clinton John Leon as the voice of Arms

With the arms of:

Shayla Orrick, Maxime Schroeder, Storm Lampman

Location Sound Mixer: Nate Evans
Assistant Special Effects & Puppeteersing by Bronwyne Sloley, Ariel Hansen
Title Design by Bronwyne Sloley

Special Thanks to:
Andrea Dulmage, Veronica Graham, Lloyd Barnes, Geneve Ottmann
Donna Woolye & the staff of The Earth Factory Guesthouse


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