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GHOST CAN (2016)

Following a date gone awry, Josie returns home with an unwanted souvenir and an unexpected visitor.

Created for the Rio Theatre's 5th annual Dead on Film short horror film competition, Ghost Can was shot and edited in August of 2016. The film won both the Audience Choice and Judges' Choice awards, with later screenings at the East Van Showcase Haunted Saloon (including a Best Acting Performance award for Ariel Hansen), Rio Grind Film Festival 2016, Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival 2016 and Vancouver Badass Film Festival 2017, as well as being a Daily Short Pick on Film Shortage.


Directed by Jordan Barnes-Crouse

Written & Produced by Jordan Barnes-Crouse & Carolyn Williams


Ariel Hansen as Josie

Tyler Weeks as Peter

Wes Crowley as The Carny

Jesse Inocalla as The Preserved Wraith

Creature & Makeup Effects by Carolyn Williams
Editing & Sound Design by Jordan Barnes-Crouse

Production Design by Zee Kesler

Location Sound by Adam Bull

Music by Greg Valou



"Koshtanim Mekam" by Orkestar Slivovica

"Good Enough For You" by The Complete

Special Thanks:

Lloyd Barnes, Colin Basnett, JJ Berezam, Logan Laidlaw, Rusiko Lomtatidze, Shelagh McIvor, Antonio Parades, Werner Pretorius, Brad Proctor, Nathyn Sanche

Produced in Association with Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society


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