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Kate and Dylyn have been dying to have a baby. When they finally find success, what follows is Kate's struggle with the early stages of an unusual pregnancy as it takes a horrific turn.

The directorial debut of Ariel Hansen and a collaboration between Off World Pictures and Bad Cookie Pictures, Ready to Burst is a short body horror shot in May of 2016 and completed early September that year. The film premiered at the 2016 Rio Grind Film Festival, later winning Badass Local Short at the 2017 Vancouver Badass Film Festival.

Festival selections include:

  • Final Girls Berlin Film Festival

  • PDXtreme Portland Underground Film Festival (nominee: Best Drama Short, Best Actress)

  • Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest

  • Cinemafantastique 3

  • Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

  • Dead in Decatur

  • Northeast Wisconsin Horror Festival

  • Horrorvision

  • Fake Flesh Film Festival

  • Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival (nominee: Best International Short)

  • Sick'n'Wrong Film Festival

  • Frostbiter Film Festival

  • Buried Alive Film Festival

  • Ax Wound Film Festival

  • Etheria Film Night

  • Macabre Faire Film Festival

  • Slaughter Movie House: Short Film Showcase


Written & Directed by Ariel Hansen

Executive Producer: Colin Basnett

Produced by Cecilia Yus Cornejo, Christopher Graham & Ariel Hansen


Ariel Hansen as Kate

Lee Shorten as Dylyn

Malcom Stead as Dr. Connors

Gigi Saul Guerrero as The Ultrasound Technician

1st Assistant Director: Cecilia Yus Cornejo

Cinematography & Editing by Jordan Barnes-Crouse

Production Designer: Christopher Graham

Special Makeup & Creature Effects by Carolyn William

Sound Design by Robert Phaneuf

Music by Kevin Williams

Location Sound Recordists: Dominic Dobrezensky, Josh Havelka, Jamin Wegler

Visuals Effects by Stan Verbitsky

Costume Design by Anna Hargott

Production Assistants: Megs Calleja, Jess Parker

Catering by Brendan Carter

BTS Photography by Bren MacDonald, Sam Stringer

Special Thanks:

Denise Hansen, Mouthwash Studios, Go Studios, This Is A Spoon Studios, Luchagore Productions, Maria Yus, Fred Tanner, Terran Station, Logan Laidlaw

Produced in Association with Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society


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