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RED SNARE (2016)

Stranded in the woods in the dead of winter, a lone hiker thinks she’s found salvation — until it leads her to an abandoned shack and an unearthly discovery.

Shot on location in rural Newfoundland, Red Snare takes a look at our reliance and vulnerability to technology, wrapped in a classic sci-fi horror narrative. It premiered in July of 2016 at Cinemafantastique 2 presented by Shivers Film Society, with further selections by Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival 2016 (inlcuding a Best Horror Short nomination), Tri-Cites International Film Festival 2016, and Macabre Faire Film Festival 2017 (nominated for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Short and Best SPFX in a Short).


Written & Directed by Jordan Barnes-Crouse

Starring Sarah Wilson as Sophie

Produced by Carolyn Williams
Editing & Sound Design by Jordan Barnes-Crouse

Creature & Makeup Effects by Carolyn Williams
Aerial & 2nd Unit Photography by Kevin Williams
BTS Photography by Alex King
Puppeteering by Carolyn Williams, Annette Williams, Craig Williams, Kevin Williams, Roger Crowley, Sarah Wilson, Alex King

Special Thanks:

Gigi Saul Guerrero, Elizabeth Williams, Leonie Williams


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