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Toiling away in a makeshift lab, Dr. Barry Slater has finally made a breakthrough: THE CHRONOSPHERIC RE-OSCILLATOR, a device able to transmit artifacts across time. But when he materializes a recording from his future self, he decides to become his next test subject, despite the cautioning of his young wife Georgina. When the experiment goes awry, Georgina suddenly finds herself transported to another time, and the man resembling her husband may no longer be who, or what, he seems.

A collaboration between Off World Pictures, Luchagore Productions and Bad Cookie Pictures, Time Heals No Wounds was shot in August 2017 and completed in early 2018. It premiered at the 4th Annual Vancouver Badass Film Festival where it won Badass Local Short and tied for Badass Production Design/Visual Effects, before going on to tour the festival circuit with selections including Crypticon Seattle, HP Lovecraft Film Festival, Monsters of Film, Morbido Film Fest, Chilliwack Independent Film Festival, Blood in the Snow, Terror in the Bay, Hexploitation Film Festival and Nickel Independent Film Festival, picking up Best FX wins from Bleedingham Horror Film Festival, PDXtreme Fest and Ravenheart International Film Festival.


Directed by Jordan Barnes-Crouse

Written by Jordan Barnes-Crouse & John Sobey


Starring Kallie Jean Sorensen as Georgina

Starring Gabriel Carter as Dr. Barry Slater

Produced by Jordan Barnes-Crouse, Carolyn Williams & Ariel Hansen

Executive Producer: John Sobey

Director of Photography: Luke Bramley

Creature Effects by Carolyn Williams

Production Designer: Christopher Graham

Costume Designer: Jessie Jade Churchill

Music by Kevin Williams

Edited by Sun Ando & Jordan Barnes-Crouse

1st Assistant Director: Gigi Saul Guerrero
Associate Producer: Raynor Shima
Production Manager: Ariel Hansen
Script Supervisor: Mat Lo
Key Hair & Makeup: Gayle Lett
SPFX Makeup Artists: James Fairley, Benson Musaev, Sheilagh McIvor
Wardrobe: Jennifer LaPorte
Location Sound Recordists: Heber Sanchez, David Tinoco
1st AC: Jordan Williams
2nd AC: Jonathan Chan
DIT: Ben Gaumond
Grip Team: Kelvin Dylla, Jamie Worral, Waylon McCann
Art Director: Jocelan Jansen
Prop Master/SPFX: Nathan Sanche
Additional SPFX: Cameron McDougall
Prop Makers: Zee Kesler, Justine Hancock, John Badger, Zlatina Pacheva, Megan Hickman
Stunt Coordinators: Randy Rafuse, Ryan Moss
Stunt Driver: Tyler Weeks
Stand In: Sarah Wilson
Sound Design & Re-Recording Mixing: David Tinoco
Creature Visual Effects: Brad Proctor
Digital Compositing: Jordan Barnes-Crouse
BTS Photography: Annabelle Loi
Concept Art: Werner Pretorius, Rana Gill
Location Supervisors: Laura McDougall, Doug McDougall
Catering by JustCastering
Stock Footage: Mitch Martinez,


Special Thanks: Kim Waspe, Ingelborg Koot, Lloyd Barnes, Cody Bisson, Cornelius van der Valk

Produced with the Co-operation of The Union of B.C. Performers

Produced in Association with Luchagore Productions, Bad Cookie Pictures


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